HR & Admin

April 3, 2024
15000 - 20000 / month
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Job Description

  1. Recruitment Support:
    • Assist with posting job openings, scheduling interviews, and communicating with candidates.
    • Prepare and organize recruitment materials and assist with candidate correspondence.
  2. Onboarding and Offboarding Assistance:
    • Assist with the onboarding process for new employees, including preparing paperwork and scheduling orientation sessions.
    • Support offboarding activities, such as collecting company property and processing termination paperwork.
  3. Employee Records Maintenance:
    • Maintain accurate employee records, including personnel files, time-off requests, and performance evaluations.
    • Ensure compliance with company policies and procedures regarding record-keeping and confidentiality.
  4. Administrative Support:
    • Provide general administrative support to the HR department, including managing calendars, scheduling meetings, and handling correspondence.
    • Assist with office management tasks, such as ordering supplies and coordinating office maintenance.